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    I’ve started up a Mr. Boy guest series for Threads TV with my first post launching today about hats. They’re a great bunch of down to earth guys who are very keen about the accessibility of personal style, and take an interest in all aspects of fashion in not only just clothing but music and other forms of the arts as well. I’ll be choosing my favourite hats on the market at the moment here, but for a few wise words check out the rest of the article here!

    So on the article I’m talking a bit about some of my own personal hats: my beanie which I’m always wearing when I want to cover up, get my hair out of my face or when I’m required to style a shoot and I just want something comfortable. Then there’s the snapback, which I wear for the casual days. I don’t mind wearing it backwards! I don’t think it’s a sin as much as it was during the late teen years, but back then I had spikey black hair with a blue streak in it, I mean the hat was hardly a priority regardless. And last but not least is my fedora, which I picked up a few months ago from Spitalfields Market. I’ve always wanted to find a good fedora and I’ve been through a few, so when I saw it resting on the table amongst a few others I knew exactly it was the one I wanted.

    My hats aside, the one’s I’ve featured above are some of the top of my imaginary hat wish-list at the moment. When I was writing the article I wanted to find brands that weren’t always in the spotlight; mainly because they weren’t really high-street, or just the typical skater brands.

    Brixton originally started as a hat brand but now feature plenty of apparel; they’re an American brand (despite the name) with a ridiculous offering of beanies, snapbacks and other types of hats including fedoras. I like my beanies to be understated and not heavily branded; as much as I like the Commes des Fuck Down branding it’s pretty tough not to walk through London and not see at least a dozen of them.

    The World’s Original Face are an independent UK brand with some very colourful five-panels, snapbacks and beanies. They’re bringing out a new collection of apparel as well, but what really caught my eye are their very cool designs and suede visors. I’m a sucker for hats that speak individualism, and their hats definitely have a few choices that require a good think about. The green one above I’ve had my eyes out for as long as I’ve been stalking their Instagram, but they also have a good collection of paisley hats in golden-like yellows and whites.

    Oliver Sweeney x Christy’s is to be introduced by menswear enthusiast Martell Campbell, and hasn’t quite hit the stores yet but should be during the Autumn/Winter 2013 campaigns. While the image may not say much, Martell is a connoisseur of the hat, and you can put your full faith into him to advocate a good one. Christy’s are one of the more well-known hat retailers in the UK and rightly so, they’re incredibly soft and retain a very good quality feeling to them. Oliver Sweeney have collaborated with them to introduce these fedoras which seem to keep their shape incredibly well. They come rolled up in a tube and seem to be creaseless and shaped when you pull them out, which means they’re scrunchable when you’re throwing a hissy fit and you want to throw your hat on the floor and stomp on it.

    I’ll finish off with just a few tips concerning hats:

    • Take care of your hats as you would your shoes, which means don’t fold them up or squash them underneath clothes. Brush your fedoras!
    • Don’t wear the hat so it just sits on the back of your skull - it might look cool but it is unbelievably unpractical, and we all know how windy the UK can get for starters
    • Go crazy - at the end of the day, the hat is a great accessory for flaunting individual tastes and personal style.

    I’m definitely more of a hair guy than a hat guy, but it’s great having that option if I’m wanting to go particularly casual or particularly smart. Here’s a photo of me picking off hats that grow on trees.

    - Mr. Boy

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    Mr Boy Style Blogger Blog Personal Menswear Fashion Hong Kong London Chinese Asian Moustache hat beanie cap fedora snapback hats oliver sweeney the worlds original face brixton accessory

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