1. London Collections Feature: Part 2

    Mr Boy Style Blogger Blog Personal Menswear Fashion Hong Kong London Chinese Asian Moustache i-d online gq china dvora fashionistable street style piczophoto taken by Pizco (i-D online)

    Street style has always been a curious concept. For those unsavvy with the lingo, street style is a term which has been coined for years to define the fashion you see on-the-go. It used to be people walking down the street who looked particularly cool, and someone with a camera would take a picture of them and showcase their style. This interesting concept was made famous by individuals such as The Sartorialist, who used to take pictures of eye-catching individuals and comment on what they were wearing. The people snapped would generally just be very cool; their clothing would be effortless and what they wore was similar to what they would wear every day, or at least we’d like to think so. Street styling these days is plagued by those looking to get snapped, and individuals with outlandish outfits who are dressing for the occasion and attention, as opposed to dressing in something they would normally wear or feel comfortable in. It’s hard to determine the difference, but during London Fashion Week or London Collections: Mens, you can sort of judge by people’s body language; who is happily walking to their next show, and who is giving the photographers a preview of their “blue steel”.

    Now, I’m not saying I was street styled because I’m ‘ultra cool’, but I managed to attract the attention of some very respected platforms and great photographers, and as I didn’t take any pictures of my actual outfits (I blame getting up at 7am and getting back at 12am each day) I have decided to use (and credit) the work that I’ve seen scattered on the internet. Big thanks to Dvora (GQ), Pizco (i-D online) and Conor Clinch (Topman Generation).

    Mr Boy Style Blogger Blog Personal Menswear Fashion Hong Kong London Chinese Asian Moustache i-d online gq china dvora fashionistable street style piczo topman river island tailored sartorialphoto by Conor Clinch (Topman Generation); jacket: bespoke, trousers: tailored River Island, bag: Cambridge Satchel Company, shoes: Poste, roll neck: Topman, shirt: Topman

    The gent to the left of me is my good friend La Touche, who gets snapped like crazy as the very tall guy who dresses very well, and is rarely (if ever) seen without a hat. We’re kind of like family (not literally people), but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

    The above was the outfit I wore for day 1. I wanted to go clean and smart, as well as maintain my own take on things. One of the best things that Britain is known for is its appreciation for tailoring, and this is something that was exemplified through the likes of Spencer Hart, Richard James and all the other Savile Row-esque presentations and shows throughout the three days. I wanted to be suited and booted, and though my pieces weren’t necessarily made in England, I was hoping it showed some sort of appreciation for the British skillset. Though the top half has essentially been explained in a previous outfit, the trousers have their own story. Ideally I was looking for something wide fit; because the top half was so slim I wanted to find something to contrast it against. Wide fit trousers however are a rare sight for a guy, and the one pair I could find was from Margiela for £400, which was only “a tiny bit” daunting. I instead opted for some cheaper trousers with a classic fit. The basics tend to be wider, and I knew I could still maintain a good look from a River Island pair. I took them to the A-Z Tailoring near Oxford Circus, asked them to take about 6-8 inches off and tuck them in at the waist, but not to taper them too much that they end up becoming slim. The point I’m trying to get across is that though something may seem unattainable with the price, it’s very easy to get your own things made these days and to even consider taking up the art yourself. If you ever find a jacket is just a bit too big, or the trousers are ever so slightly too baggy - get them altered for a minor price. It’s a small price to pay to feel much more comfortable in your clothing, and being able to say that you’ve tailored your clothing just shows that you’ve made the effort.

    Mr Boy Style Blogger Blog Personal Menswear Fashion Hong Kong London Chinese Asian Moustache i-d online gq china dvora fashionistable street style piczo baartmans siegel matthew miller zara

    photo by Pizco (i-D online); jacket: Zara, bag: Dr. Martens, shirt and jumper: Baartmans and Siegel, trousers: Matthew Miller, shoes: Grenson

    Really it’s meant to be summer. I mean wearing a jumper and a shirt might not have been the wisest option, but at least the linen jacket gave me a bit of breathability. I was very eager to wear my Grenson shoes that I picked up from a sample sale not that long ago, and luckily they went perfectly with the Matthew Miller trousers. For these threads I wanted to show my support for Matthew Miller and Baartmans and Siegel, who were both showing on day three. Burgundy works well with black, and the lighter trousers add a spring-summery feeling. All of this gets complimented by the backpack, which sort of adds to the school-boy feel for the outfit. I felt the outfit needed something else so I decided to add the chain, in order to add a bit of character. I tend to find that why something might look good already, you can add a bit more detail by either going with a pocket square, or a pin badge, or in this case a necklace. I’d advise against over accessorising; in this scenario I avoided the pocket square as I felt there was already too much going on.

    Mr Boy Style Blogger Blog Personal Menswear Fashion Hong Kong London Chinese Asian Moustache i-d online gq china dvora fashionistable street style piczo matthew miller bracers river island topmanphoto by Dvora (GQ); jacket and shirt: Matthew Miller, trousers: Topman, bracers: River Island, shoes: Poste

    Last but not least was my day three outfit, again wearing Matthew Miller to show my support for his show. The mac is an absolute treasure and is both lightweight and waterproof. The shirt is actually short sleeve and I opted for the option as I knew it was going to be the hottest day of the three, but if you’re ever paranoid about it being too hot in a suit, it really is okay to wear a short sleeve shirt underneath, providing you aren’t going black tie. A short sleeve shirt can work well under a three piece, and add that modern take to a very clean look. The bracers I picked up from River Island are a great touch to any smart look. I like to use bracers instead of a belt some times as it adds detail to what would be a plain white shirt. A key thing to remember about bracers is that you do not wear a belt while wearing bracers - they’re there to hold your trousers up. Again, living by the rule of matching leathers, I stuck on some black shoes and went with some navy smart trousers to keep the outfit relatively simple. Trousers make a great place to hang your glasses providing you don’t go sprinting to your next show, but really you can hang anything off the belt loops, be it key rings, Fly Bird bags, glasses or chains.

    There’s a quick break down of my three outfits over LC:M. Massively happy and very humbled with the exposure and being on any of these feels very much a priviledge. Street style is a funny one - you get used to posing on the spot but when you meet great photographers like the ones above, they’ll be providing all the direction. It definitely gives you a bit of confidence for the rest of the day knowing at least one person appreciated it!

    - Mr. Boy

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